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By Kanishk Sharma “There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination….” An observer, a traveller, a wanderer will echo every syllable of these lines by Charlotte Eriksson. There is something mystifying about streets, the stories their lanes tell, and the secrets their corners and turns have kept for ages. In […]

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The Basics of a Good Render

Over the past few decades, 3D rendering has gone from a technique accessible to only a few to the common and essential method of presentation. And with advancing special effects and software, it is not too hard to achieve a photorealistic 3D rendition of your inner visualizations and 2D representations. Here, we walk you through […]

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The Design Workflow – From Concept to Presentation

Architecture is the outcome of an evolution process. Much like multicellular metamorphosis, a rough idea is sculpted into a work of art. But art requires tools, and in the architectural process, these tools are the software we architects wield. There are a number of tools in the market targeting this need, each with a different […]

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Architectural visualization: the impact of delivery

A concept forms in your mind, developing from its fetal mass and taking shape as each feature starts to take form and become distinct. This is the architectural visualization process in a nutshell. While ideas in your head might seem solid to you, the client’s brain processes your words and paints a very different picture […]

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Digital revolution in Architecture

Have you ever wondered what triggered the initial shift from manual drawings to digital drawings? How did the architects back then respond to this change? How did the digital revolution change the course of architecture? In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to find architects, hunched over their drafting tables, lost in concentration, and penning down […]

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Design is a journey. The design process could help you unravel a whole new world of ideas, or it could be riddled with hurdles.  The initial stages of design involve juggling multiple ideas, shifting between scales and dabbling in basic details. When it comes to designing a project, winging it is probably not the best […]

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